Top priority on the trust of customers and enhance the quality of life
    by realization of cutting-edge robotic system.
    After the foundation in 2006, Zeta Crezen once introduced advanced a robotic cleaning system
    as a business partner of "WEDA" in Sweden and then created our own underwater cleaning robot systems
    in 2014 based on our own insight and accumulated cutting-edge technology.

    Based on our continuous creation mind and faithful commitment to industrial sectors,
    we are so proud of getting high reputation and a big trust on the system from our customers
    by doing so many field tests and achieving services successfully.

    Also, we acquired authentication of venture business in 2013 and holds patents
    related to the robotic cleaning system.
    With far advanced technology,
    we're focusing on more compact and convenient system to make it more widely utilized
    in many aspects. With the market growing bigger, it is a turning point for us to shift
    the existing labor intensive paradime to newly improved technology.

    We are so confident of our own quality of underwater cleaning system
    that we will go forward toward the global market and home as well.

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    Zeta Crezen Co.,Ltd.